How we recycle your house clearance waste

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Here at Windrush Valley House Clearance, our aim is to recycle, re home (by selling your items) and donate to local charity shops.


All of the waste and contents that we remove from your House clearance or Office clearance is Recycled, Resold, or Donated……


1. Recycling – One of the questions you may have is what is going to happen to your waste and contents that we remove. The answer to that is anything that we cant sell on or donate to local charity shops is taken to a Pro Recycling Waste Plant.


Pro recycling waste plants – We only use pro recycling waste plants, and this is because they recycle 90-100% of all the waste we take into them.They do this by putting all of the waste through a Wash plant where everything that is recyclable is hand picked out. ((Metal, Wood, Plastic, Hard plastic, Ceramics, Glass, Farm plastics, Electrical equipment, Cardboard, Paper, Soil, Stone) and anything that cant be recycled is sent to be processed into RDF (Refuse-derived fuel) and turned into energy. Which is fantastic for the environment.


2. Saleable items – When Mike comes to view your Property, he will take a walk around with you and take a good look at all of the items you have in the Property that need to be cleared. He will then point out to you what can be sold on and then offset the Furniture, Collectables or Antiques against the overall cost


The items are then sold on to one of our trade contacts, were the furnishings will either go into a shop or be restored back to their natural beauty


3. Donating to local Charity shops – Alot of the items we clear are sometimes in fantastic condition, like Sofas and Wardrobes and dur to there size we struggle to sell them on as alot of our Trade buyers havent got the space. So instead of sending them to Pro recycling, we send them to Local Charity shops were they can be sold on there shop floors.


Windrush Valley House Clearance works hard to recycle as much of the House Clearance items as we can as we know how important recycling is for the environment and for our future generations.


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About Us:


Absolutely not! all of our staff are fully trained in all aspects of heavy lifting and waste disposal

Absolutely not! Go about your day like you would normally!

Absolutely not as we have our own Property clearance Vans (Luton Low Loaders) and all the Waste, Rubbish, Furniture and Furnishings will be cleared the same day and taken away the same day.

Yes we can as we deal with many Housing Association’s and Councils who insist on the Carpet and flooring being removed ready for the new tenants moving in.

Yes we hold Public Liability Insurance with Thistle underwriting for £5 Million for both commercial and domestic property clearance.
We also hold a Full Waste carrier License (Upper tier) License No CBDU41390 which you can check on the GOV Website here

Absolutely not! (as above) We are fully licensed to dispose of your waste and all of your waste will be removed and disposed of on the day.

Anything we feel we can sell on will reflect in the final quote, and the rest of the Furniture and items are either recycled (98% recycled) or donated to local Charity shops

Of course we can, we deal with many Oxfordshire Solicitors and Estate Agents on a daily basis.
If it helps we can liaise with the Solicitor or Estate Agent by picking up and dropping off the keys for both the clearance and the Quote!
We can even work with the local Council or Housing association or the neighbour next door.
We have performed hundreds if not thousands of House clearances across the years, so we are used to dealing with all kinds of different scenarios, plus we offer a free Key drop and collection service which has proved to be extremely popular over the years as this takes the stress out of having to let us in at the start of the clearance, which is usually early in the morning and being there at the end of the clearance.

Please do not worry, on many occasions we complete a clearance where there are items that the family would like to keep. In this incidence you clearly mark any items to stay, we usually gather the items in one room so they are in safekeeping. This is not uncommon and applies to nearly every clearance that we complete.

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